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La Nave Nodriza was born after the union of several professionals in the field of image and film, having worked in advertising and film we decided to start creating our own productions.

We serve, love and work faithfully for and for creations. We want to propel you, get with you to all your goals, at the speed of light and always with the engines at maximum power.

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El Món en una Illa.

Cruz Roja


APAEMA (Asociación de la Producción Agraria Ecológica de Mallorca)

Supertrama 2019


Upcycling campaign with Planet Warrior

Cruz Roja

Insertion Companies of the Balearic Islands


Al Firdaus- Al Burdah videoclip oficial

Al Firdaus

Lalita Devi 2018

Lalita Devi


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Walking around the town should not be a matter of luck

Walking around the town should not be a matter of luck

City Council of Artà

Campaign ‘No i punt!’

Campaign ‘No i punt!’

Palma City Council

Celtic Salawat

Celtic Salawat

A production by Ali Keeler and La Nave Nodriza


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In this galaxy full of many and good services our ship stands before you by its own philosophy.





Do not say impossible, say better: I have not done it yet.

You have not done it because you did not know us. Because you ignored our coordinates. Because we are not clones, nor droids… we are humans that we want to propel you, to reach all your goals with you, at the speed of light and always with the engines at maximum power.

12 January, 2020

2020. New loop to the Sun 💫💫💫

11 January, 2020 in Blog

Businesses of Insertion of the Balearic Islands. A new challenge.

The Nave Nodriza carries out the videos for the #sompersones area campaign on the Businesses D'Inserció de les Illes Balears. #sompersones is the video of the six insertion companies of…
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10 January, 2020 in Blog

Campaign upcycling with Planet Warrior

A super heroine that will save the world from environmental catastrophe? Yes na #PlanetWarrior! Will you accompany her on this adventure? Campaign carried out with the Red Cross    
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8 January, 2020 in Blog


A group of local producers is in the center of the Cançó des de la Plaça dels Patins. L'objectiu: donate to Conèixer the Mercat ecològic de Palma, nascut on 2010.…
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7 January, 2020 in Blog

Premiere “El Món en una Illa”

A production of: Red Cross in the Balearic Islands and La Nave Nodriza with the support of Obra Social La Caixa. In this documentary, through contact with nature, we learn…
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