Abduction in Plasencia! We landed at the 1st Rural Entrepreneur Fair

We landed at the 1st Plasencia Rural Entrepreneur Fair… “Networking, Crowdfunding, Coworking”… These are terms we have been using for a lifetime. Since you start creating projects you join, collaborate and connect with other colleagues doing what today They call Networking You need financing and you are looking for financing, offering them something, like Crowdfunding, you study or work in the library with shared desks, with colleagues in your flat, in your work, you rent a shared studio… You do coworking, you do networking, you do crowdfunding , now you know it, feel the term and get hold of it. Well, to undertake, is what all life has been done, create projects, new, different, useful. But we are in an economic transition, in a new paradigm, labor and social And many of the tools we need to live in it, we have them and use them. But we are not aware of it. ”

What you read is what we wanted to launch in our presentation and place our listeners in who we are, where we are and what we do.

We had a great time, we connected with people, we learned from them, we shared experiences and we offered a very funny Photo Call, with our surreal science fiction;) We wanted to throw all the entrepreneurs towards success and what better way than with their astronaut suit . “Towards the infinite and beyond.”

They were two very enriching days at the 1st Rural Entrepreneur Fair in Plasencia. Thank you very much to all the people who went through our Stand and presentation. And to the organization for their great work.