REAS 2020 Campaign


Companies that hire insertion workers.

Administrations and companies that hire services from insertion companies.

The social and economic return of insertion companies.


Public administrations and companies can collaborate with the processes of socio-labor insertion of groups in a situation of social exclusion through the contracting of the services provided by insertion companies.
The insertion companies of the Balearic Islands provide quality services in sectors of activity such as waste management (green parks, home collection, clothing treatment), gardening, surveillance services and access control or auxiliary administrative tasks.
The contracting of these services by administrations and companies improves their reputation and social responsibility.
This video has been made by REAS Balears with public aid for the promotion and dissemination of the social economy of the Ministry of Economic Model, Tourism and Labor.

Production: La Nave Nodriza

Client: REAS Agrupació d’economia solidària.