The coworker crew is expanding and it has been proposed to invade the nearest table-shaped satellite in search of pens and post it! Do not run out of a space in our shared studios.

“…since I stopped working in pajamas I feel freer, I look in the mirror, finally shave, I close my fist, jump and said: -I can eat the day!…” A Plutonian coworker tells us fascinated,

“…I can not stop creating, I had to go for a walk in the forest next door, because I can not put the washing machine, scrub, hang clothes, come the neighbor, order, call the mailman … Does that does not stop typing, drawing, projecting … I feel like flying! … ”We did not know more about this being, they say that they continue paying for space, in honor of coworking.

“…I look at my side and I feel that there are more beings like me, that I am not the only” quince “* working every day, in strange hours … Or that it simply works even if I do not have a fixed salary … It is incredible, it’s like discovering that there is life in outer space… ” She is excited human.

“… such a cheap space? With coffee maker? Fridge? Bathroom and shower? Meeting room?
– I have paid to put the books and some things on the table and use the rest…. ”
We call it coworker because it told us it would be, but this recording is telephone.

* Membrilla / o: Synonym of pringada / o, that one or that one that makes feels that it makes the fool by something.


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