Consul… what?

La Nave Nodriza is a creative and strategy agency, so one of the cornerstones of the work we do is consulting. A client told us the other day that hearing this word gives him the shivers, that it sounds expensive, complex and far from his reality. Without knowing it, thank you J!!!, you have inspired the creation of this new article.
So, let’s start at the beginning: what is consulting. Beyond the definition you can find on google, we at La Nave Nodriza understand it as:

Moment 1: we try to put ourselves in our client’s shoes and observe how the world looks from there. We seek to understand their perspective on things, their understanding of what is important and what is urgent, what is good and what is bad?

Moment 2: Obviously we are not our client and what is most valuable about our work is just that. We can offer an external view of what is going on in your business; it is invaluable in identifying problems, opportunities and improvements that the company’s internal team might miss due to proximity or bias. This external perspective is crucial for making accurate diagnoses and formulating effective strategies that align the company’s operations with its long-term goals.

Moment 3: let’s get down to business. At La Nave Nodriza we do creative consulting. We are insatiably curious, constantly exploring new paths that combine technical precision with creative freedom. We focus on helping companies develop, implement and evaluate strategies that improve their market presence, increase their competitiveness and ensure the achievement of their business goals. 

The critical function of marketing and communication consulting is the ongoing monitoring of the company’s actual positioning in the market versus the desired positioning. This involves constant monitoring of how consumers perceive the brand, how the competition behaves and how market dynamics change. This continuous and proactive approach allows strategies to be adjusted in real time to close any gaps between the current perception and the image the company wishes to project.

It is essential that senior management is involved in overseeing and making decisions related to marketing and communication strategies, which is why at La Nave Nodriza we work closely with the client’s general management to ensure that all initiatives are framed within a comprehensive strategy that promotes sustainable growth and the desired brand positioning. 

Shall we continue the conversation? We are digitizing agents and you can try the creative consulting revolution in your company, taking advantage of these state grants

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