Ecocentro Tv. Be the change you want to see in the world

La Nave Nodriza is collaborating with Ecocentro Tv in the realization and postproduction of the latest deliveries of its video channel within Ecocentro designed, directed and presented by the journalist Beatriz Calvo Villoria of Ecology of the Soul .

And what is that online video channel? Then in the words of Beatriz Calvo:

Ecocentro Tv. Be the change you want to see in the world

Information forms consciences. Ecocentro Tv is a communication initiative that adds to the new current of positive and independent journalism that gives voice to the projects that transform the world.

A new video channel with interviews with prestigious personalities from the world of culture, art, science and spirit and news that encourage the global change we want see.

Ecocentro wants to contribute its grain of sand to the optimistic and planetary revolution that surfs the net, opposing resistance to that other way of informing that it biases and chooses only the misfortune, the problem, the fatality, but who forgets to remember that there are solutions, inventions, solidarity, help networks, good stories that inspire to transform our world, the internal and the external.

La Nave Nodriza “we come from the future” and that is why we join that change, because we do know that we are heading to that new world, to that new paradigm, to that new society where we can collaborate, where we can share, where we respect the other and We, where we can get excited and create in values ​​and where we can be before we have.

Add to this change also, connecting us to the Ecocentro TV channel and getting to know interesting characters so much that they give us some clues to the change as news about projects or initiatives that should not be lost sight of.

Greetings from the future!

+ info Ecocentro Tv: YouTube channel / Ecocentro website