Future legacy

Herencia de futuro - O Montado Novo do Freixo do Meio

O Montado Novo do Freixo do Meio

Within the project:
Dehesas & Montados in the Iberian Peninsula

Co-participated by:
Transhumance and Nature Association, WWF Spain, ANP | WWF Portugal

In collaboration with the University of Extremadura, University of Córdoba, INDEHESA, IFAPA

With financing:
Foundation for Nature (MAVA)

Dedicated to Alfredo Cunhal and all the staff of Freixo do Meio for their love and good work in the construction of utopia.


Directed and edited by:
Parsifal Elviro

Josep Bedmar

Script and production:
Gonzalo Palomo

Begoña Lozano and María Catalán

Concha Salguero

3D keyline design:
Jesús Ruiz

A production of :
Transhumance and Nature Association, ACTYVA, S. Coop., La Nave Nodriza