Internet Usage Trends in Spain: Key Insights for Magnetic Brands

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At La Nave Nodriza, we are passionate about keeping our clients informed about the latest digital trends. The recent “Navegantes en la Red” report by AIMC, analyzed by Reason Why, provides valuable insights into internet user behavior in Spain. Here, we share an analysis from our creative and strategic perspective.

Mobile Connectivity: The King of Internet Access

92% of internet users in Spain use their mobile phones as the main device for accessing the internet. However, 43% of these users do not have unlimited data. This reminds us of the importance of optimizing our content and strategies for efficient data use. When designing digital marketing campaigns, at La Nave Nodriza, we ensure that we create experiences that are both attractive and lightweight, suitable for all types of users.

Internet Activities: Beyond Entertainment

The main online activities include checking the weather (79%), reading news (78%), and looking up maps (73%). This highlights the need to provide useful and relevant content. At La Nave Nodriza, we believe in conscious communication and creating content that brings real value to the daily lives of our clients and their audiences.

Social Networks: The Dominance of Instagram and Facebook

Instagram (70%) and Facebook (66%) remain the most used social networks, while TikTok, although growing, is preferred by only 30% of users. This data is crucial for planning our social media strategies. When working with SMEs and startups, we recommend focusing efforts on platforms that ensure greater reach and interaction with the target audience.

Growth of Digital Subscriptions

Subscriptions to digital media have doubled in four years, from 7% to 14%. This increase reflects a trend towards valuing quality content. At La Nave Nodriza, we drive branded content and content marketing, offering our clients strategies that foster subscriptions and loyalty through exclusive and high-value content.

Perceptions and Challenges: Transparency is Key

85% of users consider fake news to be a serious problem, and 68% think there is too much advertising on the internet. In a climate of distrust, it is essential that brands are transparent and authentic. At La Nave Nodriza, we advocate for clear and honest communication, designing advertising and content campaigns that respect and value the audience.

Final Reflections

The “Navegantes en la Red” report by AIMC, analyzed by Reason Why, provides a detailed view of how users interact with the internet in Spain. At La Nave Nodriza, we use these insights to create communication and digital marketing strategies that are not only innovative but also effective and meaningful for our clients.

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Source: Reason Why – Analysis of the “Navegantes en la Red” report