Packshot: Is your product photogenic?

You eat more through the eyes than through the mouth. That must be important, so we are going to talk about Packshot. And what is that?

They say that the first contact between a product and its potential customer is through the image of their product. This sounds important. So … Is it important that it transmits your essential values ​​and characteristics? Or at least it looks like it? Do we remove the container with the wrong sticker, the ugly tomato, we put the most handsome profile of the cheese?
No. I better do them with the mobile and now if I upload them to Facebook. Please! The first contact only exists once and it is important!

Well, what is clear is that you and I know that when you are going to show your product you want it to look as you think it will attract the buyer you want to reach. But … because your product carries honey, has many bubbles, is goat, or has a Mexican accent and puts it on the label … Is that transmitted clearly? In many cases it may not. You have to know what to tell, who and what is the best way to do it.

In Spain, which we do almost everything quickly and at the same time, there is not so much this specialization. We may simply have not had the need to specialize as we have now, to be able to differentiate ourselves and stand out from the immensity of the service offer. But in other countries they usually have professionals who specialize in almost all categories. Even when you least expect it. As for example in the “Packshot”

We didn’t know we had a Packshot specialist until they called him to do “Packshot” instead of saying: “A still life” or “Product Image”. Then we begin to inquire about his journey through this category and discover that he has done very good and many things. So we find some facilities, a technical team and professionals capable of generating a quality image but with little public that knows what is the Packshot or the Product Image.

So, if you have products to sell or have acquaintances that have them. We remind you that a picture is worth a thousand words. Do not underestimate what a photographer can do for your brand, good lighting, good scenery and creativity, as there are a thousand ideas to stand out from the crowd. It is better to wait for good images than to display them poorly made or with a low resolution. It can turn your intention around and be counterproductive.

Greetings from our studio, where we also do Packshot. 😉