The new video clip of Ramón Prendes

La Nave Nodriza has made the last music video for the musician and composer Ramón Prendes. A video clip created in the recording studio of La Cabaña on September 5 and featuring the musicians: César Araque (Drums, Percussions, Keyboards and Voices), Pedro Gil (Bass and Voices), Alberto Zapata (Guitars and Slide), Ramón Prendes (Voice and Acoustic Guitars).

In this work we wanted to convey the freshness and magic of this recording studio as a place where music and art grow, develop and work to the fullest and where there is also a chemistry and creative energy among musicians. In this music video we wanted to focus on the lyrics and the musical performance of the theme, so it was decided to completely roll all the video material inside the recording room. For this we made about 20 multi-camera shots from several points of view. That made us have virtually 30 cameras to choose the most suitable in the realization and in the subsequent edition. It was really very laborious, because it was like having a live performance with 30 cameras, although the result is very dynamic and immersive. Finally, we gave a “cross revealed” color look that gives Ramón’s aesthetic a touch and the theme at hand.

“Erasing dreams … overcoming fears … and this time, throwing you into the void without a net …” As Ramón Prendes tells us in his theme, an inspiring theme that makes you want to move on, keep working, growing and creating, Always again and from the present. Thanks Ramón for those inspiring words and for this “hit”, that once you hear it, you keep repeating and repeating its lyrics. We continue with more themes created from the inspiring region of La Vera, soon with a new video clip, this time shot in La Vera.

Link to the video clip: “Erasing Dreams”. Ramón Prendes. 2014

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