We’ve been selected in the IDEAS ENTREPRENEURS Contest in the RURAL WORLD! Yeah!

Entrepreneurial Ideas Program in the Rural WorldA month ago we presented our project to the Entrepreneurial Ideas Program in the Rural World and a few weeks ago we were informed of the selection and participation in it. We are currently attending the course offered and soaking up some great professionals and fellow entrepreneurs, eager to create and develop new ideas. So… Wish us good luck!

Again we approach the collaborative economy and we feel at home… Letting ourselves be carried away by that galaxy are beautiful stars and their large asteroids that pass you by…. Well, in our spacecraft we develop the basis of this economy; collaboration, connection, exchange, trust, synergy (we love this word).
So well, we have detected parts of the skeleton of this astral vehicle, and we are taking advantage of the opportunity of the trip to make it much better, let’s write down our coordinates correctly and plug the ultra speed in 3, 2, 1…