Video clip “The Verdolaga Effect”

jota posmoderna

Postmodern Jota

SPECIAL ACKNOWLEDGMENTS To: Aunt Luisa the Turtle and Agustín Cebollita for giving us the dryer; Susato and Carpintería Richar by the electric current; SONORO Productions by the sound equipment; City of Villanueva de la Vera for the stage; Paco Loja for the Yoda; Fruteria Juan Carlos for the cabbages and the rest of the people who made this video possible, with a special mention to ALL THE EXTRAS THAT CAME TO PASS THAT DAY WITH US.
Among those who stand out for their role are: Chuchi Campi as “the picoleto”, Lumi Pevi as “La Serrana de la Vera”, Emilio Monti as “the lame man”, Ana Parra as “the jotera rockera” and Sergio Fumy as “the blue sperm”.

Video clip

A production of El Efecto Verdolaga & La Nave Nodriza.

Director: Parsifal Elviro.
Photography: Josep Bedmar.
Art: Paco Lajo.
Production assistant: Beatriz Barroso.