2020. New loop to the Sun 💫💫💫

In 2019 we interviewed great thinkers and experts who have given us clues to get out of the maze. We have carried out a campaign of civics in the streets, interviewed politicians with keys for the energy transition, attended the theater and shared the emotion of new generations. We have also carried out the promotion of the biodynamic stevia of Vera. We have given voice to the insertion companies of the Balearic Islands or worked in the recycling campaign of the municipality. We have returned to be part of the public art program of Extremadura, Supertrama, documenting and giving voice to its protagonists. We have created the campaign on creative recycling with Planet Warrior, with a lot, but a lot of humor. We have done sustainable and nature tourism. We have also created the palm mercat eco campaign. ECO ECO ECO … we have accompanied the children of Santanyí in their requests and proposals to improve the world. We have made the Red Cross documentary where refugees have opened their hearts to us in the middle of nature and we have even repopulated trees in Artà hand in hand with children and adults.

For this New year we are preparing new objectives and missions.

Keep joining us on this wonderful trip.

2020. Here we go