Rural tourism or… In search of the promised paradise?

The fact that in May the rural tourism of Extremadura grew by 7% puts entrepreneurs at the helm and pushes them more than ever to be proactive.

But what is proactive? You can find the definition in a thousand places and in short it is that we have the power to decide at any moment, even at the last, what initiative to take. It has been a long time since some people have forgotten, since they have been times when the ship was sailing with instruction book, a book that came with European aid. Now it’s time to choose what will set you apart so that the development opportunity, like the bird, is in your garden.

There is something clear, the promised paradise exists, and you have to find it, love it, live it and respect it. The healthy, peaceful life, the natural beauty is there, waiting for the inhabitants of its ecosystem … But does everyone know? And, are you prepared to live it.

There is something clear, the promised paradise exists, and you have to find it, love it, live it and respect it.

We have lived and worked in a rural environment for a long time. In recent years, some tourism companies have requested services to improve their image and connection with tourists. For us it is a pleasure to do what we like and what we know best, in the environment we have chosen to live in. A beautiful environment, which sometimes happens to us with all the good, we can get used to getting used to and going unnoticed, but Luckily, working on it reminds you how amazing it is.

What do I mean by this? That although we are in contact with nature, that we all know some people and who else or who least has seen an animal born or grow a seed … we forget, we get used to it and it is worth remembering and showing it, not only to be able to enjoy it, but also to understand and respect it and thus be able to return to that place again …

There are many initiatives to be proactive and they can be very effective. We are videographers and visual and online communication workers. Our experience shows us that connecting with the same language you use every day, audiovisual, is a very effective way to connect. Obviously always braiding it with a parallel communication job as if it were a marketing campaign.

We are glad for news like this and we continue betting on a rural tourism of quality, sustainable and pure.

Greetings… from the Promised Paradise.

Discover Villanueva is a tourism promotion project commissioned by the Department of Tourism from the Villanueva de la Vera Town Hall.

Promotional Video of the Rural House ATUVERA was an express and very funny order for this house rural that is committed to sustainable tourism in the region.