Take action!

Light, vision, action!

In this year 2021 many things have happened, a crucial year in our lives, in our world, on our island.

A year ago we predicted the “new”: Earth, project, happiness, era, worlds, rebirth, discovery, love, travel, lab … Indeed it has been a year of passage, of change, in which more than for what has been done, is how it was done. The bases, the land where to plant the seed, the germ to… move to ACTION.

A move into action like the one in our shootings. We have prepared the set, the costumes, the actors, the planning, the camera movement, the text, the lights … Now in 2022. ACTION. It is inevitable, and everything that comes when the clapperboard falls is movement, it is becoming, it is life. This is how we feel it and this is how the galaxies that we contemplate from the Mothership are aligned.

We see it clearly and we express it that way. With our innate ability to get excited, our fuel, we start a new phase.

Are you ready to take action?