A summer full of art and joy. Craft Exhibition

After several Craft Exhibitions in La Nave Nodriza, they are postponed until further notice.

We conclude the 3rd Craft Exhibition, happy to generate a new space to share a day of the month, with healthy art and new cultural proposals. Offering our “Multipurpose Interior Space” to the group of artisans to exhibit and together organize this proposal. With a multitude of artists to whom we are eternally and infinitely grateful: Samvera, MilokeMandarini, Miguel Alvarado, Ines, Gloria, Dj Pavel, Dj Javiro …

A lot of smiles, a lot of talent, a lot of predisposition, a lot of encouragement and a lot of desire for La Nave Nodriza to host more projects. This is what we receive and we are very happy and excited to resume this activity and many more. Well, we live in an area with a lot of potential and we want to place it before the inhabitants of the area as well as around. To nourish us all, like a great light, bright and wonderful that abducts you peacefully… Greetings from the outer space!